About US

Garsworld was founded in 1996 by Gary ("Gar") Crandall. Garsworld began offering stock advice in 2000, helping traders navigate through the turbulent era that followed the tech bubble collapse. Evolving mostly from a grass roots following, Garsworld has since become one of the most unique stock advisories on the web.

Our philosophy of business is to offer trading and stock market guidance, first and foremost, with making a profit as a secondary consideration. You will find stock market content herein that you might not find in any other site.

A Multi-App platform for traders and investors

An evolution

The founder is a veteran software developer as well as a trader. Hence, a unique combination of trading and software technology have led to some of the most innovative applications in the industry. Starting with a simple scanner in 2003, evolving into PowerScan by 2009, and culminating in the all-new release of TradersUNITE, a complete suite of trading tools becomes available.

Download TradesUNITE now! Over 1/3 of its features are free.